Everything You Need to Know Before a New Boiler Installation

<h1>Everything You Need to Know Before a New Boiler Installation</h1> 1

Everything You Need to Know Before a New Boiler Installation

If your boiler has been on the fritz again, you’re not alone. Boilers require a great deal of upkeep and repair over the years.

When you’ve been shelling out a hundred dollars here and another two hundred dollars there for repairs on your boiler, the costs will start to really add up. You may be considering if it’s time for new boiler installation and be wondering what it would take.

Read on to learn all you need to know before taking on this task so that you can make the right decisions for your home and pocketbook.

An Overview of Boiler Installation

Many boilers will begin to break down over time and you will have to replace key elements within them like the burners, heat exchangers, lines, and chimneys.

Each of these repairs typically runs you at least a couple hundred dollars. After a while, you may find it makes more sense to purchase a new boiler altogether and have it installed.

The average life expectancy for a boiler is around fifteen years, although there are some out there that work for as long as forty years.

The best time to replace your boiler is in the summer when it isn’t cold since a replacement can take multiple days to install and you may be without heat during this time.

Know What Type of Boiler to Get

There are several different kinds of boilers available on the market. For the average size home, you will need to buy a system boiler that costs around $1,500.

System boilers work by maintaining hot water in their sealed cylinder that is hooked up to taps that can be used within the home. This kind of system allows for the minimal amount of drop in water pressure when multiple taps are being used.

A combination boiler is a little bit less expensive than a system boiler. They are more suited for apartments and studios. These units instantaneously heat hot water as it is needed for the most part, and they only have a small storage tank.

A standard boiler is your final option and they are best for large residences and buildings. They typically cost as much as $3,500 and have a large storage tank that can feed many different pipes with hot water.

Consider the Other Cost Factors of Your Boiler

The cost of getting a new boiler includes not only the cost of the boiler itself but also the installation process. Depending on how much effort has to be made to install your new boiler, you could be looking at anywhere from one hundred to two thousand dollars in installation costs.

Another cost you may incur is if you switch from an oil to a gas boiler. Plus you may have to pay for the removal of your old boiler and potentially for a new chimney liner.

Where to Go for a New Boiler in New York

Now that you have an idea of what boiler installation takes and how much it might cost you, it’s time to make an appointment so that you can find out what your options are.

Contact us today for an appointment so we can address your heating needs.

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